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...guitar seemed to be his first love, obviously.

Bio in short

Born in 1962 Werner "Flamingstratman" Lindner studied piano for 10 years first, before he
became a drummer in local bands for about 7 years. In 1983 he changed the intrument for the last time to be guitarist and singer.
Playing local only he began concentrating on his favourite style - the blues - more and more in 2003. After being inducted in 2007 he became the american Blues Hall of Fame´s (c) Ambassador to Germany. Being a jam specialist he was invited up on stage by artists and bands like Abi Wallenstein, Tom Principato, Neal Black, John O`Leary, Bob Hall, Grooviticus and many more. He was the first german musician, who played at the annual Muddy Waters tribute in London, where the "Flamingstratman" is well known in the bluesjam scene. He also played the Dundee Blues Bonanza, which is Europe´s biggest free blues festival with his band "The Flaming Stratmen" as headline act in 2010 and 2012.